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               “When society wakes up to the waste of human lives, then there will be no deprived children”.


Urban areas have unique features like a high density of population, a heterogeneous community, extremely high cost/ unavailability of land, slums, migrating population, homeless population, infrastructural barriers to school, urban deprived children etc. As such, planning in the context of RTE would also be some what different warranting relevant and more specific strategies especially while planning for school access (physical as well as social), special training, community participation, classroom process, academic support and convergence etc.

Urban Deprived Children:

SSA has been focusing on the growing problem of schooling of disadvantaged children in urban areas. Successive JRMs have also dwelt on this component. Urban areas have special challenges like the education of street children, the education of children who are rag pickers, homeless children, children whose parents are engaged in professions that makes children’s education difficult, education of children living in urban working class slums, children who are working in industry, children working in households, children at tea shops, garages etc. other city specific features are: very high cost of land, heterogeneous community and high opportunity cost etc.








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