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Research and Evaluation
                    Research, Evaluation, Monitoring and Supervision
*To provide qualitative and quantitative data for SSA plan formulation.
*To assess the processes adopted in implementation of the plan.
*To evaluate the impact of SSA interventions.
*To outline of major and small-scale research activities / case studies /
  surveys to be conducted at district / mandal / cluster / school levels.
*Capacity building to researchers
*Developing Research abstracts and translation/compilation.
*Dissemination and publication of the studies.

State Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) Purpose:
      To promote and guide research and evaluation activities. To evaluate/screen research proposals and finalize them. constituted with
1. The SPD - Chairman
2. Director, SCERT - Member
3. Dean, Faculty of Education, OU - Member
4. Principal, IASE, Masabtank - Member
5. Professor & Head, Department Of HDFS, College of Home Science,ANGARU,
    Hyd - Member
6. Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Hyd - Member
7. ASPD dealing with R & E subject - Member
8. R & E Coordinator - Convener

District Research Advisory Committee Purpose:
To promote and guide research and evaluation activities. To evaluate/screen research proposals and finalize them at district level.
Constituted with
• District Educational Officer
• Principal, DIET
• APC, Sectoral Officers
• DIET Lecturers and Expert teachers
• Experts from CTE/IASE/ University etc. Research Institutions/Individual
• DIETs, CTEs, IASEs, SCERT, State Universities, Central University
• NGOs / Private Agencies
• Teachers/Teacher-educators/other educationists State Level Studies by Universities / Institutions / SCERT. District specific studies by DIETs, CTEs and IASEs. Small scale studies and Action Researches by teacher educators and teachers.
Research & Evaluation Areas
1. Grants : Teacher grant, School grant and Maintenance grant
2. Infrastructure facilities
3. Staff pattern
4. ECE establishment
5. Impact studies on CLIP
6. RBCs / NRBCs / ALS
7. Impact studies on incentives to special focused groups (SC / STs)
8. Distance Education : Radio / TV lessons
9. Children’s Learning Achievement
10. Contribution of NGOs to eradicate child labour
11. Curriculum areas - textbooks, TLM 12. Teacher training
13. Role of TCs / CRCs / MRCs / DIET in quality improvement
14. School & Classroom Management
15. Community participation
16. CWSN
17. Girls Education & KGBV
18. Migratory Pattern of parents
19. Teachers attendance and Children’s attendance
20. Computer Education & Computer Aided Learning
21. Multigrade teaching
22. Mid Day Meal scheme

State/District level Studies completed year wise topics:
Quality Monitoring Formats 
List of State level Research Studies Abstracts 2012-14
Conduct of School Readiness programme for the year 2014-15
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